Sharing Beauty from the Inside

As a little girl I always dreamed of being a hair designer. I always wanted to make people beautiful. However looking through a child’s eye it was just making people look pretty. When I grew up and made that dream a reality, I realized there was so much more involved beyond physical appearance. Everyday we touch people in many different ways.

I realized this several years ago when one of my guests was going through chemotherapy. She started to lose her hair so we ordered a wig for her; it wasn’t that bad until the evening she came in to shave her hair off. Until that time my job had always come easy to me. Doing hair was a great gift God gave me. That night had significant meaning. I was actually taking off the one thing I was good at. At that moment I realized there was more to my job, more then just making someone’s hair look great. I had to look deeper past the beauty outside; I had to look at the beauty within. So I reached down inside my self and gave her everything I was.

My goal as a hair designer is to always make sure every person that leaves my chair feels great. I had to achieve the same that night. My client had to leave me feeling good about the way she looked. So I made her laugh and realize that hair is just hair, its not who she was. I told her to look at it this way; she could have a different style everyday. I made her feel good and when she walked out the door I hugged her and gave her a kiss and told her I’d see her next week. As the door closed behind her and the tears ran down my face, I thanked God for giving me the strength to make her still feel pretty. Although at times when the hair was falling on the floor and the tears rolled down her face I wanted to die. I didn’t want to fail her I wanted her to still feel good, even though this was probably one of the most difficult things she had to go through.

As women, our hair means everything to us. It was probably at that moment I realized we all have a special gift to give to every person we come into contact with. It is more than just making them look good. That person in our chair may be on the edge and we may be the person to pull them back. We might be the only person that they talk to all day. Everyone has value and wants to be seen, so we need to give fully all that we are; our great gift God gave us, and our understanding. Remember that person you think is a pain, may actually need hearing something good from you.

Karen Hardee
Totally Chic Salon & Spa

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